How it works

Our model is simple

Companies can start out small and get to build out their entire IT departments with us. Starting out small allows you to get a feel of the quality of the personnel and scale as you see fit.

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Technology Provider

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Qualified professionals

Our team consists of the best developers available, carefully selected for their skills and expertise

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Advanced technology expertise

We always make sure we are using state of the art revolutionary concepts in our day to day

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Recruiting outsourcing

Lower costs by letting us handle your recruitment, training and onboarding of employees

Ready to grow

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What value do we bring to you?

Quality blockchain developers are a scarce resource. Our parent company specializes in recruitment, training and onboarding of employees that incorporate into your existing company workflow, at a lower cost.

  • We focus on bringing qualified, bilingual blockchain developers at a lower cost.
  • Our developers are looking to build a career with the company, resulting in minimal turnover and greater commitments with the company.
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What we do

Trained qualified & English speaking Engineering professionals

Build decentralized applications for your organization

Provide blockchain consulting


Blockchain Technologies and services

WEB 2 technologies we offer

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Starkcore Technologies specializes in providing english speaking blockchain development resources for companies in the US. Register and start growing your company!